CanLase™ Green 4 & 10 watt Laser for reliability and economical operation

CanLase  Green 532 Laser
CanLase™ Green 532 Laser

Green Laser with Rack Pump Unit

  • Utilizes 532 nm wavelength with a frequency doubling kit.
  • Recognized by its characteristic green light
  • Design concept is consistent with well established practices in the domain of frequency conversion technology.
  • High product reliability, economical operation and ease of use and maintenance.
  • Green lasers produce higher quality marks
  • Produces a beam by firing a beam through a non-linear crystal module
  • CanLase UV 355nm Laser - UV Laser with Rack Pump Unit
    CanLase™ UV 355nm Laser
  • Low M2 value of the laser beam generates UV light with very high efficiency
  • Innovative opto-mechanical architecture of the third harmonic generation device extends life of the LBO non-linear crystal
  • Can be used with a scanning head for micro marking and heat sensitive marking applications
  • With other type of beam delivery systems, this laser can be used in high technology manufacturing applications such as rapid prototyping, stereo lithography, hole drilling in pvc, CD Rom mask engraving, non tempered glass marking etc.
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